Publishing your Work in a Journal

The Centre for Security Failures Studies encourages academics, researchers and students in the fields of security, cyber security, risk, resilience, crime prevention, counter terrorism, counter fraud and policing to publish their own research papers with us. Research papers are highly focused pieces of work and are published in our flagship Journal Security Failure Studies. If not done already, please discover why you should publish with us.

Aims and Scope

The research papers published by the Centre for Security Failures Studies are standalone and original pieces of research which are presenting, modelling, conceptualising and analysing security related problems in general terms and security failures, security incidents and security breaches more specifically. Papers should take a critical and ‘how to solve the problem’ approach and offer both theoretical and practical insights. Any kind of analytical method can be used and extremely detailed case studies are welcome. The papers provide essential information for better understanding security problems and present important insights and recommendations to their readers. Written by scholars, experts and senior security professionals possessing extensive research experience, these works are real catalysts for organisational security learning.

The journal audience is comprised of committed academics, researchers and senior security professionals who want to advance their specialist knowledge and gain further insights in this particular area of research, as well as security professionals who design security and crime prevention analytical systems and/or manage security in general terms. Security practitioners, law enforcement officers and students alike are also an important part of the journal readership.

The Journal Covers

Security and Crime Problem Analysis
Security and Crime Problem Case Study
Security and Crime Problem Formulation
Security and Crime Problem Reformulation
Security Breach Analysis
Security Failure Analysis
Security Incident Analysis
Security Risk Analysis
Security and Crime Prevention System Conceptualisation
Security and Crime Prevention System Design

The journal Security Failure Studies forges new understandings in the overlapping disciplines of security science and crime science and is at the very forefront in the specific areas of research mentioned above.

Are you Interested in Publishing your Paper in Security Failures Studies?

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