Publishing your Work in a Book Series

Our flagship book series is Security and Risk Management: Critical Reflections and International Perspectives.  This specific series is edited by Dr Nicholas Gilmour, Phillip Wood MBE, Simon de Saint-Claire, PhD, Dr David Rubens, Dr Gediminas Bučiȗnas, Dr Emmanuel Fragnière, Luca Tenzi, Stephen Langley and Matthieu Petrigh.

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Aims and Scope

Security and Risk Management: Critical Reflections and International Perspectives is a highly influential book series dealing with the ever-changing security and risk environments and their inherent challenges.  It provides essential information for managing the evolving enterprise, with detailed chapters on emerging problems, current trends and innovative solutions. The book series is edited with the works of doctors, doctoral researchers, Masters graduates, security and risk specialists, senior security professionals and international speakers who are experts in their respective areas, submitting timely and visionary perspectives for the education of all.

The book series’s audience is comprised of dedicated professionals charged with managing security and risk, developing and implementing security policies and programs, as well as those who design security and crime prevention systems and enforce laws and regulations. Researchers and students alike are also an important part of the book series readership.

The Book Series Covers

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
Corporate Security and Risk Management
Counter Fraud and Fraud Prevention
Crime Prevention and Community Safety
Cyber Intelligence
Cyber Security
Emerging Market Geopolitical Risks
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Enterprise Security Management Practices
Enterprise-wide System Development Security
Forensic Psychology
Information Security and Risk Management
International Police Cooperation
Investigation and Brand Protection
Laws, Investigations, Forensics and Ethics
Nuclear and Radiological Security
Operations Security
Organisational Resilience
Organised Crime Prevention
Peace Building
Physical (Environmental) Security
Police Engagement
Regulations and Compliance
Risk, Response, and Recovery
Security Architecture and Design
Security Convergence Strategies
Security Operations and Administration
Security Risk Analysis
Security Sector Reform
Security Standards, Guidelines, Criteria
Service Risk
Simulation Approaches to Crisis Management
Supply Chain Security
Systems Security Engineering
Telecommunications and Network Security
Terrorism Prevention and Counter Terrorism

Security and Risk Management: Critical Reflections and International Perspectives informs its readers of contemporary problems and best practices, as well as of research into current and upcoming issues in security and risk. Book chapters should take a critical and how-to-solve the problems approach to their topics. They should help readers solve real life problems and be applicable to on-the-job situations faced everyday by security and risk managers, decision makers, policy reviewers and security professionals. Case studies are always welcomed.

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