There are many benefits to publishing with the Centre for Security Failures Studies and few of them are listed bellow.

Established Reputation

When you publish a research paper, a book chapter or a book with us, your work will become part of an exceptional long-term project completely devoted to serve the interests of the security community and those of the public. The works we publish are written by forward thinkers who share a common vision and possess a fantastic blend of academical and practical experience. They are in many case renowned experts and international speakers and in many ways, talented researchers.

Publish Almost Anything – Responsibly and Ethically

With us, you will be able to publish book chapters, research papers, articles and also presentations, videos, conference papers, research data-sets, interview transcripts, or spreadsheets, graphs and models – almost anything. We want to leverage the organisational learning capability of our community and this is just one way of facilitating this. However, we have strict control mechanisms in place that authors must comply with if they want to publish with us. We publish ethically and responsibly.

Niche Market and Hand-Picked Target Audience

The Centre for Security Failures Studies has positioned itself in a niche market and all the works it publishes are destined to satisfy a very particular need of the security community. The products we sell and services we provide are relatively affordable for most security professionals, students and organisations and are also targeting a very specific audience – crème de la crème – which has been hand-picked by our security experts. Your work will make a positive impact faster than you think, globally.

Non-for-Profit, Open and Working for the Common Good

We are a non-for-profit organisation and the majority of the money we make is either reversed to authors, sponsoring further research or developing new products and services aimed at better serving the sole interests of the security community and the common good. A very thin part of our income is supporting our business administration costs – we are rather minimalist and do not run after Mammon. We work for you, your community and the public, no matter who you are and from where you are coming from. We are also an open organisation and welcome anyone interested to contribute in our projects.

We Make Authors Happy

We are a human-size organisation animated by a fantastic spirit of duty of care. We are a group of Happiness engineers and our passion is to help people through better security. Transforming the publishing of research papers and materials to help the security community is no small task. Our goal is to build relationships based on trust which result in happy, passionate, loyal authors, readers, customers and colleagues. We do this through listening carefully to their needs and guiding them to the fullest use of the products and services we offer.

Collaborative Peer Review

The research papers, book chapters, books, articles, presentations, videos,  conference papers, research data-sets, interview transcripts, spreadsheets, graphs and models we publish are peer-reviewed by respected academics, experts and senior security professionals who provide independent advice on the content, quality and potential value of the work. Our philosophy is to make each paper we publish a ‘living-paper’ until its publication through constant and constructive feedback loops. What we publish is widely researched and reviewed by active teachers, lecturers, professors and practitioners in the fields of security and risk.

Global Network

The Centre for Security Failures Studies relies on a plethora of friends, colleagues and other fantastic people and organisations to make things happen. The good news is that we have people working with us worldwide – we have a global reach.

Using Amazon Like Never Before

We are using the global, performing and highly reliable production and distribution channels of Amazon to produce, sell and distribute each book we publish. Publishing your paper with us means that your hard work gets produced fast and distributed worldwide by an effective system, effortlessly.

Quality Control

We like when things are done properly and our in-house product development and editing team is doing very well, alongside our key partners and supporters.

Intelligent and Responsible Marketing

It is true that we are not driven by profit, but this does not mean that we do not want your books, research papers and articles to remain unread – on the contrary! Indeed, helping people to find your work more easily is very important to us – more people read it, better we feel. Our team of dedicated and responsible marketing gurus will do the hard work for you to become read more and more – free of charge.


Being impregnated with creativity and using cutting edge approaches to problem solving, our team is striving to continuously innovate to find better ways of doing things. We do not publish, we publish SMARTLY©.

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Our 100% No Headache Guarantee

With us, you publish as-you-go (PAYG). Publish or revoke your electronic publication in the blink of an eye and effortlessly. Sometimes people change their mind and we know it. No question asked.

Do Not Think Too Much

Stop thinking about whether or not we will meet your expectations. Rather, come and join us to find this out.

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