Come and Join the Centre for Security Failures Studies

Membership to the Centre for Security Failures Studies is available to both public and private safety and security professionals, current and retired law enforcement and military officers, government officials, researchers, investigators, policy developers/analysts, intelligence analysts, academics, private security sector leaders and students. Membership is also accessible to organisations such as NGOs, universities, research institutes and private security companies concerned with governance, human rights, peace building, policing, crime prevention, counter-terrorism, counter-fraud, cyber-security, intelligence, public and community safety, security and risk management.

Membership to the Centre for Security Failures Studies is conditional, on an annual basis and starts at the approval date. Members will receive a renewal notice prior to the expiration of their membership.

There are three different types of membership and each of them brings its own benefits. However general benefits are:

Networking Access to Publications Training and Learning
Conferences and Events – Exchange information, share ideas, discuss about problems and solutions and network with peers and discover the latest products and services presented during the events organised by the Centre. Receive discounted rates and/or free passes to all relevant events. Intelligence and Security Failures Digests – The Centre for Security Failures Studies diffuses to its members monthly reports concerned with the analysis of security failures, breaches and incidents. Case studies are presented altogether with lessons learned. E-Learning – Real world training accessible online and one-to-one mentoring/coaching sessions instructed by internationally renowned experts. Members receive a certificate of achievement.
Keep-Connected – 24/7 access to a forum where you can share ideas and connect with your peers. Security Failures Studies – Free access to our Academic Journal featuring the very latest research findings and academic developments in security failure, security incident and security breach analysis. Webinars and Lectures – Live and recorded web seminars and lectures on current security risk issues and trends. Speakers are renowned experts or lecturers in universities.
Sponsor Initiatives – Members will be able to make an impact by sponsoring security initiatives aimed at helping those who are and feel less secure. Security and Risk Management – Members receive free copies of our flagship book series dedicated to advance the knowledge in the fields of security and risk management. Awards and Recognition Programs – Special distinctions and awards are given each year to top security failure prevention achievers.