Simon de Saint-Claire, PhD is a facilitator for International Security Sector Development, with a focus on democratic policing:  integrity, rights, communication, diversity and societal interrelations.

A former New Zealand Army Officer, for over a decade Simon sub-contracted to the United Nations Secretariat providing field-based strategic services, later working in the Private Security Sector.

Since 2002 he has provided independent field consultancy, facilitation and research to intergovernmental actors, national police authorities, state development agencies, international police missions, and technical assistance NGOs (as a Special Consultative Status delegate to UNODC, OHCHR and EU FRA).

Simon has an academic and research background in International Relations, Human Rights, Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Human Relations and Intercultural Communication, Community-Orientated Policing, and Human Trafficking.

At the Centre for Security Failures Studies, Simon de Saint-Claire, PhD is editor of our book series Security and Risk Management: Critical Reflections and International Perspectives. Simon welcomes contributions in the fields of Crime Prevention and Community Safety; Security Sector Reform; International Police Cooperation; Police Engagement; Policing.

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