Dr Nicholas Gilmour is an international law enforcement expert with over 20 years practitioner and advisory experience. As a ‘practical-academic’, Nicholas is committed to promoting and enhancing joint projects to capitalise on the experience of others to support partnership working and teaching in intelligence, financial crime, and national security issues.

Nicholas currently supports, in a lead advisory role, the New Zealand Police Financial Intelligence Unit in creating guidance, policy and improving the general understanding of particular aspects of money laundering associated with the implementation of New Zealand’s Phase 2 AML/CFT legislation.

Through a combination of teaching experience and detailed first hand expert knowledge of financial crime, money laundering, and terrorist financing, Nicholas has published extensively throughout peer reviewed journals – as a single author and in conjunction with globally renowned experts.

At the Centre for Security Failures Studies, Dr Nicholas Gilmour is editor of our book series Security and Risk Management: Critical Reflections and International Perspectives. Nicholas welcomes contributions in the fields of Intelligence, Organised Crime; Financial Crime;  National Security; Terrorism Prevention and Counter Terrorism.

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