Matthieu Petrigh OblSB BSc(Hons) MSyI

Matthieu Petrigh has been working in the private security industry since 2003 following a distinguished service in the French Foreign Legion at the 2 REP. He is a committed professional and lifelong learner who has always been deeply involved in the professionalisation of the security industry, both in UK and further afield. He is an oblate of the Order of Saint Benedict and a member of the Security Institute. Matthieu has a BSc in Security and Risk Management from the University of Portsmouth, UK, where he is currently pursuing a MRes in Security Risk Management.

Matthieu has been involved in the European Security Students Initiative and has participated to various programmes aimed at bringing together Catholics and Anglicans to provide transformative security education for young people and those who feel less secure.

Advocate and specialist in security risk management and research having particular interest and expertise in security failure analysis, non-quantified decision support modelling, problem formulation and evidence-based security, Matthieu Petrigh regularly publishes research reports and articles and also broadcasts lectures. Known in the security industry for his benevolent work, pro-bono publico services and efforts reconciling different security communities, Matthieu constantly champions the need for security communities to shape the future common good and acknowledge that security is not a commodity.

Matthieu Petrigh is the director of the Centre for Security Failures Studies and editor-in-chief of its publications.

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