The Centre for Security Failures Studies is a non-for-profit specialist, independent and open research institute, think tank, consultancy and publishing house formed in 2015 to address key concerns raised by the security community over the last two decades about the ability organisations have in preventing security failures, incidents and breaches and also to accommodate the growing interest in evidence-based security practice and security risk analysis that has occurred within academia and businesses.

The panel of experts working with the Centre will attempt to answer three questions, namely (1) what are the reasons for security failures, incidents and breaches?; (2) how do these problems persist?; (3) what is required to change these?; (4) what distinguishes secure systems from non-secure systems?; and (5) what are the essential properties of non-secure systems?

Appointed members of the panel will also oversee the maximum possible public disclosure of all relevant data and information about the nature and extent of security failures.

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